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Any questions, concerns or complaints regarding PKC Group's corporate responsibility can be addressed via below email. Each topic will be reviewed and investigated thoroughly by PKC's corporate responsibility team.

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Personnel and Human Rights

Skilled and Professional Personnel

As PKC’s manufacturing process is labour intensive and the success of its concepts of Uniqueness and Managing the Complexity concepts are based on its skilled and professional personnel. PKC also believes that engaged and competent employees deliver better results. Therefore, PKC Group considers its global, multicultural organization to be one of the Group´s core strengths.

PKC Group also considers employee well-being integral to good human resource management. Employee well-being is developed in co-operation with the occupational healthcare unit, the occupational safety organisation, and personnel administration. Employees are also offered competitive benefits and they are encouraged to develop their own professional skills.

Competence Development

In order to maintain a skilled and engaged workforce PKC focuses on developing its employees´ competences. PKC encourages employees to perform and grow by creating opportunities for personal development and promotion, which support the Group´s business strategy and targets. Plans for the coming years include defining both the required competencies and the means to secure such competencies.

The focal point in competence development at PKC is to ensure the competences needed in Managing the Complexity, further developing PKC Uniqueness, and implementing the Group’s strategy. The competence development needs of individual employees are identified in development discussions.

Promoting Health and Safety

PKC Group is committed to promoting the health and safety of its personnel. Labour protection – which comprises of maintaining employee health, preventing accidents and sickness, and the malfunction-free operation of production machinery – is a key element in supporting PKC´s business operations and improving both quality and productivity.

Efficient labour protection is systematic and is based on the assessment of workplace hazards, health and plans, guidelines and procedures that are followed by all employees. Working conditions and the level of both labour protection and health and safety are monitored continuously using various means, including regular workplace inspections and atmosphere questionnaires. Education, training, counselling, prevention and risk control measures have also been implemented in all of PKC´s units.

Human Rights

For PKC Group, it is of utmost importance to respect and support internationally defined human rights and to ensure the fair-treatment of employees. PKC Group is also committed to providing equal employment opportunities and prohibits discrimination or harassment in any form. PKC abides by all applicable labour laws and respects the right of its employees to form and join trade unions and to exercise collective bargaining.

PKC Group respects and endorses the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) to the extent applicable. The principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are embedded in the Code of Conduct and PKC´s everyday operations. PKC is also committed to conducting its operations in line with the ILO Core Conventions on Labour Standards and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.