About PKC Group


Any questions, concerns or complaints regarding PKC Group's corporate responsibility can be addressed via below email. Each topic will be reviewed and investigated thoroughly by PKC's corporate responsibility team.

corporate.responsibility (at) pkcgroup.com

Conflict Mineral reporting requests:

conflictminerals (at) pkcgroup.com

Supply Chain Management

PKC’s operates in global markets and its’ supply chain involves the manufacturing, transportation and storage of components and materials through many different countries and continents. PKC’s logistics network covers thousands of different parts in different stages of the supply chain. Processes throughout this chain are built to bring the needed quantity of right goods to the right locations at the right time. PKC’s supply chain management has two key targets: to ensure the on-time-delivery of final products to customers and to minimize the total cost of ownership of the goods. To succeed, we must closely collaborate with our partners. The more dynamic the business environment is the more precise planning is needed.

PKC selects responsible partners that share its values and makes regular evaluations of its suppliers and subcontractors. PKC uses a common evaluation model for all suppliers. Evaluations are performed when selecting suppliers, but the model is also in use for evaluating existing suppliers. Main evaluated points, based on ISO 14001 and ISO/TS 16949, are supplier’s quality and environmental systems, quality index, delivery accuracy and supplier’s service level and flexibility.