Sales Contacts

Marjo Vierimaa

Vierimaa Marjo
Tel. +358 40 7198 894

Ajene Wallace

Wallace Ajene
Tel. +1 248 489 4955

Pawel Eberhardt

Eberhardt Pawel
Tel. +48 508 020 104

Rex Gu

Gu Rex
Tel. +86 512 6296 2647

Electrical Distribution Systems

Electrical distribution systems manufactured by PKC are used for power supply and data transfer in heavy trucks, light vehicles, buses, and recreational vehicles as well as in construction, forestry and agricultural equipment. High-level know-how combined with cost-efficient manufacturing and management of the order-delivery chain ensures competitiveness. One of our strong expertise areas in order-delivery chain is Syncro -order processing, a unique system with its manufacturing, testing and delivery timed to the minute according to customer needs.

PKC´s own developed data management process and tools ensure seamless interface and data transfer from customer´s systems to PKC´s design and production. With our Safe Launch concept we can ensure the undisturbed changes and product launches in customer´s production. This releases customers' own resources and expedite the introduction of products to the market. Combination of these elements is the core of PKC Uniqueness, a unique know-how of managing complex processes of individually tailored products and thousands of product variants.

Our ambitious and systematic design and development activities guarantee that we are constantly at the forefront of technological development. At PKC we develop of our methods, systems, processes and technology continuously for customer benefit. The key elements of PKC Uniqueness are developed further in NPI (New Product Introduction) centers in Europe, North America and Asia.