WISE - Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system

WISE is a unique ERP solution, which enables managing the complexity of the product & operating environment and deliver high quality individually tailored products and thousands of product variants with short delivery time.

An unique feature in Wise ERP system is the real-time item balance forecast, providing instant data required in sales, manufacturing and purchase processes. Information on purchase and production demands, possible delays, rescheduling or cancellation needs is immediately available to different parties without having to perform a separate MRP run.

Wise has capabilities to provide customized solutions to customer’s requirements. Any additional requirements possibly introduced by new sectors to maximize efficiency are always specified and implemented together with the customer.

Wise includes:

  • Product data management

  • Documents management

  • Sales

  • Purchasing

  • Production

  • Inventory management

  • Tracing

  • CRM

  • Finance: Accounts payable, Accounts receivable, Invoice checking & circulating and General ledger.

Currently the solution is in use globally in 14 countries and in a variety of business sectors such as:

  • Electronics industry

  • Wiring Harnesses manufacturing

  • Machine and equipment manufacturing

  • Mechanics manufacturing

  • Printed Circuit Board manufacturing

  • Environmental technology industry

Wise ERP system is developed by Wisetime Ltd., which is a Finnish software company. Wisetime joined Motherson Group in March 2020, as group company, PKC Group acquired 100% shares of the company which it had already owned 19% shares.

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