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Any questions, concerns or complaints regarding PKC Group's corporate responsibility can be addressed via below email. Each topic will be reviewed and investigated thoroughly by PKC's corporate responsibility team.

corporate.responsibility (at) motherson.com

Conflict Mineral reporting requests:

conflictminerals (at) motherson.com


PKC continuously observes and measures the environmental impact of its operations in order to improve processes. PKC takes responsibility for its operating environment and strives to minimise any harm caused to the environment. As part of the Group´s environmental work, PKC aims to meet and exceed the expectations set by the community and customers.

PKC’s environmental management system has been established to achieve PKC’s environmental goals and to serve as a tool for developing the quality and efficiency of processes, products and services. Factories attend independently to the management of environmental affairs in accordance with their environmental programmes and local legislation. Regular audits performed by customers and an external third party auditor ensure that PKC’s environmental management systems remain efficient and up-to-date.

PKC Group aims to reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing by optimising deliveries and by efficiently managing and recycling materials. To reduce packaging waste, products are delivered to clients in recyclable and reusable packages. The Group also extends environmental responsibility by designing energy-efficient products that minimize emissions and material use.

PKC´s own operations have a minimal impact on the environment because our manufacturing process consists of assembly and testing. This is why PKC believes that co-operation over the entire delivery chain is the most effective means of reducing the adverse environmental impacts of its operations. Customers´ environmental requirements are also taken into account when components are chosen for products. As an important part of co-operation with suppliers, requirements are set for them to minimise their environmental impact.

PKC's Operations

Manufacturing of wiring systems is manual and labour intensive work that is based on personnel’s expertise and know-how in processes, products, technology and components – not on machinery, equipment and processes that would require high energy consumption, water use, and use of hazardous chemicals or affect biodiversity and release emissions and effluents. Greenhouse gas emissions are created mainly by travel and transportation of components and materials from suppliers and final products to customers.