About PKC Group


Any questions, concerns or complaints regarding PKC Group's corporate responsibility can be addressed via below email. Each topic will be reviewed and investigated thoroughly by PKC's corporate responsibility team.

corporate.responsibility (at) motherson.com

Conflict Mineral reporting requests:

conflictminerals (at) motherson.com

Corporate Responsibility

PKC’s corporate responsibility approach is based on PKC’s business and operating environment, vision, mission, core values, company culture as well as stakeholders’ expectations. These, together with PKC´s code of conduct, guide the Group´s everyday operations internally as well as the interaction with external interest groups.

PKC’s strength is based on PKC Uniqueness, by which we refer to the unique know-how of managing complex processes of individually tailored products and thousands of product variants. PKC’s corporate responsibility priorities relate to personnel, ethical business practices, the environment, as well as financial sustainability.

PKC operates with ethical business practices, takes responsibility for its operations and strives to minimise any harm caused to the environment. The Group also respects and promotes human rights, fair workplace practices and equal opportunities. PKC also maintains a zero-tolerance policy on bribery and corruption. Compliance with legislation, regulations and international norms is a basic requirement, which must be followed at all times.