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Marjo Vierimaa

Vierimaa Marjo
Tel. +358 40 7198 894

Ajene Wallace

Wallace Ajene
Tel. +1 248 489 4955

Pawel Eberhardt

Eberhardt Pawel
Tel. +48 508 020 104

Rex Gu

Gu Rex
Tel. +86 512 6296 2647

PKC NPI - New Product Introduction

In order to further develop the competitiveness and capabilities of the global manufacturing operations and to ensure successful new program ramp-ups, PKC has established NPI centers in following locations:

Tallinn, Estonia
Acuña, Mexico
Suzhou, China

The objective of the NPI centers is to ensure seamless customer program ramp-ups from the early design phases to the final, full mass production phase as well as to improve existing manufacturing processes to PKC and its customers.

Development focus is on the effective process management:

  • Methods lab concept
  • Document/implement best practices
  • Production support system development
  • Plant logistics/layout alignment
  • Production technology
  • Organization

Through best practice collaboration and continuous improvement, PKC provides competitive advantages to the customers:

  • Short lead time
  • Customized solution
  • Low-cost tooling development
  • In-house capability
  • On-time delivery
  • Premium quality

Trouble-free life for our customers