Smart Power Distribution Centers (sPDC)

Use of a printed circuit board (pcb) as a base for connections inside a PDC ables intergration of various smart functions to the product. Such smart functions can be for example diagnostics of fusing failures, load current measurements and connection to in-vehicle networks.

Utilization of a printed circuit board as a base for connections allows also the use of smart discrete power semiconductors for switching and protecting the power lines. This enables several added functionalities over traditional fuses and relays such as open load detections, adjustable current limitations, over temperature and voltage protections.

PKC is able to utilitize both press-fit and soldering technologies in pcb based PDC solutions.

Printed circuit based solution for distributing and protecting power in a vehicle requires absolutely minimal tooling investments. Therefore pcb based solution of a PDC is very well suited to be a heart of the electrical system in all vehicles.

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