Sales Contacts

Younes Saadi

Europe and South America
Tel. +49 175 8065 092

Ajene Wallace

Sales, North America
Tel. +1 248 489 4955

Pawel Eberhardt

Sales, Rolling Stock
Tel. +48 508 020 104

Rex Gu

Tel. +86 512 6296 2647

Electrical Cabinets and Power Packs

PKC’s Rolling Stock business region (Kabel Technik Polska Sp. z o.o.) develops and manufactures electrical cabinets, power packs and other components to rolling stock, energy, industry and material handling industry.

Kabel Technik Polska Sp. z o.o. manufactures also electrical distribution systems to rolling stock, energy, industry, material handling and on/off highway commercial vehicle industry.

Electrical cabinets and power packs applications include passenger trains, light rail vehicles, metros, locomotives, wind energy, port solutions, machine constructors and stationary power systems.

The customers are leading companies in their field and mainly operate globally.

Electrical cabinets and power pack products include:

  • Low-voltage control cabinets, High voltage control cabinets,
  • Roof - and Underfloor container, Driver desks, Pre-assembly components,
  • Products: up to 10.000 connection points, up to 400 material positions,
  • Multi-core cable, Single wire, 0,14 - 300mm²

Testing capabilities include water test station for roof and underfloor container, connection test up to 10.000 points, high voltage test up to 4400V DC / 3200V AC, insulation testing up to 75kV / 150mA, functional test for contactors, relays and twisted pair cabling test in accordance with TIA / ISO standard.