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Options 2009

The stock options of the year 2009 stock-option scheme shall, upon Board´s decision, be issued free of charge to the members of the Executive Board, general managers of subsidiaries and other key personnel defined by the board and employed by or to be recruited by the Group.

The maximum total number of stock options issued will be 600,000 and they are divided into A, B and C options. The stock options entitle their owners to subscribe for a maximum total of 600,000 new shares in the Company or existing shares held by the Company.

The share subscription price for stock options will be the trade volume weighted average quotation of PKC Group´s share in April 2009, 2010 and 2011 on the Nasdaq Helsinki + 20%. From the share subscription price of the stock options shall, as per the dividend record date, be deducted the amount of the dividend decided after the period for determination of the share subscription price but before share subscription. The share subscription price shall be recorded in the invested non-restricted equity fund.

The share subscription period for stock options 2009A, will be 1 April 2012—30 April 2014, for stock options 2009B, 1 April 2013—30 April 2015 and for stock options 2009C, 1 April 2014—30 April 2016.


  • Share subscription period with 2009A options has ended.
  • Share subscription period with 2009B options has ended.
  • Share subscription period with 2009C options has ended.

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