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Options 2006

In 2006, PKC launched a stock option scheme according to which the total maximum number of stock options to be issued is 697,500 and they are divided into A, B and C warrants. The subscription period for shares through the exercise of stock options is during the years 2009-2013. The share subscription price for stock options shall be the volume-weighted average price of the PKC Group Oyj share on the Helsinki Stock Exchange, with dividend adjustments as defined in the stock option terms. Through the exercise of the 2006 stock options, the share capital of PKC Group Oyj may be increased by a total maximum of 697,500 new shares and EUR 234,673.67. The stock options 2006 are subject to a share ownership plan. Key personnel are obliged to subscribe for or purchase the Company's shares with 20 % of the gross income earned from stock options and to own these shares for two years. The Company's President and CEO is obliged to own these shares for the duration of his managerial contract.


  • Share subscription period with 2006 options has ended.

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