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Outi Saarela

Corporate Communications Generalist
Tel. +358 40 023 7975

Investor Calendar

PKC Group's financial reports will be published in Finnish and English, and they are also available on PKC's website immediately after publication.

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12/01/16-11/02/16 Silent Period
11/02/16 Financial Statements Release 2015
11/02/16 Evli Investors Lunch Helsinki, Finland
15/02/16 Shareholders’ proposals for issues to be addressed at the general meeting must be made by February 15, 2016 by sending e-mail to
15/03/16 Financial Statements 2015 at the latest March 15, 2016
04/04/16-04/05/16 Silent Period
06/04/16 Annual General Meeting
04/05/16 Interim Statement Q1/2016
04/05/16 Danske Investors Lunch Helsinki, Finland
09/05/16 Roadshow by Carnegie Paris, France
10/05/16 Roadshow by Carnegie Copenhagen, Denmark
11/05/16 Roadshow by Nordea London, UK
12/05/16 Roadshow by Evli Frankfurt, Germany
13/05/16 Roadshow by Evli Vienna, Austria
11/07/16-10/08/16 Silent Period
10/08/16 Half-yearly Report Q2/2016
10/08/16 Nordea Investors Lunch Helsinki, Finland
27/09/16-27/10/16 Silent Period
27/10/16 Interim Statement Q3/2016
27/10/16 Carnegie Investors Lunch Helsinki, Finland
31/10/16 Roadshow by Carnegie Frankfurt, Germany
01/11/16-02/11/16 Roadshow by Danske Bank London, UK & Paris, France
03/11/16-04/11/16 Roadshow by Carnegie Geneve, Zurich, Switzerland and Amsterdam, Netherlands & Brussels, Belgium
07/11/16-08/11/16 Roadshow by Evli Stockholm, Sweden & Oslo, Norway