Touched by technology – powered by passion

Nearly 30 years of experience in design, manufacturing and testing of electro mechanics products is the corner stone of our product and service offering. Our three business areas operate with customers in various industries such as telecommunications, energy and electronics.

Test Solutions business area offers extensive testing solutions for testing of e.g. mobile phones, tablets, displays and touch panels. Select a suitable test platform, test instruments, design & development services and manufacturing for Your product. Our professionals have a track record of more than 4000 test devices designed with more than 150 000 manufactured units.

Power Solutions business area offers intelligent and customized power supplies and surge protection units for challenging environmental conditions. We are heavily focused on digital power development.

EMS & ODM business area offers global design and manufacturing services for various industries. Our design professionals work in electronics, mechanics, software and test systems design. Our manufacturing facilities are located in Finland and China offering electro mechanics manufacturing from agile prototyping to volume production.

More information is found on PKC Electronics website.