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PKC Group recognized as one of the best suppliers of PACCAR in 2016!

Press release by PACCAR on December 2, 2016 recognizes the top performing suppliers in PACCAR’s Supplier Performance Management (SPM) program. The SPM program evaluates a supplier’s performance in the areas of product development, operations support and business alignment with PACCAR objectives.

Through the SPM program, suppliers and PACCAR cross-functional teams collaborate to identify performance enhancements and to develop product innovations. PACCAR has recognized 50 suppliers since the launch of the SPM program in 2014.

“PACCAR works closely with suppliers to produce the highest quality products in the industry. We appreciate the SPM Achiever suppliers for attaining that performance level in 2016, and in particular, the seven suppliers that achieved SPM Leader status” said Bob Christensen, PACCAR president and chief financial officer.

PACCAR Press release, December 2, 2016 Bellevue, Washington

PKC North America was awarded as one of the PACCAR’s 2016 SPM Leaders

“PKC has been a wire harness supplier to PACCAR North America since the early nineties, and recently began supplying to DAF and Leyland also. PKC reached our “Achiever” level last year, and improved their performance to “Leader” rank with a score of 84 this year – fantastic job. I’ve mentioned the complexity of harnesses a couple of times now, but to give it some flavor, PKC manages over 50,000 active part number for PACCAR, and each one is shipped out of their manufacturing facilities in Mexico. So, when we hear suppliers complain about having to forecast requirements for a couple of dozen parts, we’re not very sympathetic. In fact, the running joke at PACCAR is that PKC knows what we want before we even know what we want. Otherwise, how can they continue to supply quality parts to all plants consistently, on-time? For that, we are very thankful.”

Bill Jackson, Vice President, Global PACCAR Purchasing
Duane Kampschror, Director, PACCAR Electrical Purchasing
Supplier Performance Management Award Ceremony December 1, 2016

“This recognition from PACCAR is a great testament to our PKC team that works so tirelessly to exceed PACCAR’s high expectations, each and every day. We value our long-standing partnership with PACCAR, and will augment our focus to earn this distinction daily to position PKC Group as PACCAR’s supplier of choice.”

Rico Mutone, Chief Operating Officer, PKC Group, North America

From left to right:
Bill Jackson, Vice President, Global PACCAR Purchasing
Rico Mutone, Chief Operating Officer, PKC Group, North America
Duane Kampschror, Director, PACCAR Electrical Purchasing

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